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General Questions

Is Ackerman Home Learning right for me and my family?

I created Ackerman Home Learning because I was left with no choice but to homeschool and my aim is to prove to parents that IT IS possible for their child to achieve their full potential regardless of the reason they fell into homeschooling.

I fully believe that all learning should have outcomes and I support those parents who want to do schooling differently, but Ackerman Home Learning is not right for you if you are trying to move away from the traditional education system. Following a structured education system sits at the core of what I offer.

So why should I choose Ackerman Home Learning?

I work with parents to provide them with all the tools, resources, and information they need to successfully navigate homeschooling. Despite common belief, taking your child out of school does not mean that they can’t achieve their predicted grades and I will be with you each step of the way to take the stress out of homeschooling.

I know better than anybody that life is hard enough dealing with all the worries and concerns that comes with a child, add to that illness and homeschooling and the last thing you want on your mind is what you should be teaching next. From lesson plans to a step-by-step guide to homeschooling, I’m here for you right by your side.