Although teaching academic subjects should make up the main part of your homeschooling day, there are other aspects that should also be taken into consideration when planning your homeschooling week.

Wellbeing and safety should be part of our homeschooling schedule where we can provide vital skills to our children. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) could dramatically increase someone’s chance of survival and so whether you look to provide basic training in your homeschool or send your children to a CPR training course as an extracurricular activity, it should be top of your list on things to do. 
I thought I would share some basic guidelines that may be useful to use in your homeschool on CPR.

  1. If you find someone collapsed, check for signs of conciousness by gently shaking their shoulders and asking “Are you okay?”. If there’s no response, leave the person in the position they are in and open their airway. Call 999 inmediately.
  2. To do this: place your palm accross the person’s forehead and put two fingers of your other hand on their chin. Gently tild their head back, lifting the chin. This moves the tongue from the back of the throat and opens the airway. 
  3. Check if the person is breathing. If they’re not, gently lay them on their back and perform hands-only CPR. 
  4. Kneel down, place the heel of one hand in the centre of their chest and place the other hand on top, interlocking fingers. 
  5. Push the breastbone down firmly around 5-6cm and release. 
  6. Keep pushing at 100 to 120 chest compressions per minute, almost two per second. 
  7. Keep going until paramedics arrive, or the person shows signs they are coming round. 

There are some great resources available on how to teach CPR at home and can be found here. Have you included health and safety training or lifesaving skills in your homeschool?
If you have any questions on what to include in your day-to-day planning, I provide a wide variety of suggestions in my Homeschooling Happiness Haul.

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